Developer centric screen sharing.

Not all screen share tools are created equal. Tandem is built to serve developers who pair remotely. Whether you're 1000 miles apart or sitting side-by-side, on-site behind a military grade firewall or at a cafe, we have you covered.

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Tandem connects developers.

Tandem wants you to be connected. Use our SaaS offering or run on your hardware. Don't let firewalls and opening ports get in your way.

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Early adopter? Try the alpha today!

brew cask install ridetandem/tap/tandem
Download Tandem-0.4.1.dmg

Tandem alpha is NOT ready for production. Tandem alpha is ready for early adopters however. Do NOT use this in a production environment or with your customers yet.

We encourage you to try the alpha version of Tandem. We love feedback and are user driven, so your feedback will help prioritize what we build next.

Developer screen sharing done right


We send every keystroke and combination over the wire. Cmd+tab? No problem!

B.Y.O. A/V

FaceTime;; Slack; Hangouts; Zoom; cellphone; you pick. Leave the screen to us.

SaaS or Internal

Concerned with privacy? Run Tandem internally and your traffic wil never touch the internet.

By Devs, For Devs

We remote pair for a living. All the current tools are sub-par, so we created Tandem.


During alpha, Tandem is free to use personally. For commercial use or internal/on-premise pricing, contact us.




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We want to help all developers connect and pair effectively. If your situation needs help, we want to hear from you.